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My Child Is Snoring-- Causes and Top 10 Natural
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Last updated June 16, 2017, originally published October
24, 2011

By Louise Carr,  Associate Editor and Featured Columnist

5. Can I Use Aromatherapy to Stop My Child Snoring?

A 2004 study from the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital,
Shrewsbury, UK found preliminary evidence that a
mixture of essential oils could be helpful for stopping
snoring. The study looked at adults, not children. Children
should only use essential oils and aromatherapy under the
close supervision of an adult and some oils are not
suitable for youngsters. Check with a practitioner if you
want to pursue the aromatherapy route against snoring.  

6. Migraine and Sleep Disordered Breathing are Linked

If your child suffers from migraines or headaches they
may also suffer from sleep disordered breathing, and
therefore snoring. A 2008 study from St. Christopher
Hospital for Children, Drexel University, Philadelphia
found children with migraine were more likely to have a
sleep disorder than children without migraine.  Children
suffering from migraine were twice as likely as the other
children to suffer from sleep apnea and more likely to
sleep less and experience shorted REM sleep. Does
migraine cause snoring and sleep disorders, or does
snoring cause migraine? More research is needed to
present clear links between the conditions.

7. Leukotriene Modifier Therapy Treats Mild Sleep
Disorders in Children

Leukotriene modifiers are drugs commonly used to treat
asthma. They reduce levels of inflammation in your
airways and decrease your mucous production, which help
you to breathe more easily. A 2005 paper from Kosair
Children's Hospital Research Institute, University of
Louisville, Kentucky found children with mild sleep
disordered breathing benefited from leukotriene modifier
therapy. The children experienced fewer sleep
disturbances and improved breathing during sleep,
leading to less snoring.

8. Can Positive Airway Pressure Treatment Work for
Child Snorers?

Continuous positive airway pressure treatment involves
using a mask to deliver continuous airflow to the airway
when sleeping, preventing the airway from collapsing.
This treatment is often used by adults to treat sleep
apnea but is it effective for snoring children? A 2006
study from The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia,
University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine,
Philadelphia says that continuous positive airway
pressure is highly effective in treating snoring and sleep
apnea in children. However, the study also said it was
very difficult to get children to stick to the treatment
program. Using the mask may be problematic for kids,
particularly when they need to sleep for a longer period
of time than adults.

9. Better Sleep Hygiene Improves Snoring

All kids who snore, whether they are suffering from sleep
disordered breathing or not, can benefit from better sleep
hygiene. According to a 2007 study from the American
Academy of Sleep Medicine, poor sleep hygiene can have
more of a negative influence on kids’ snoring than
anything they do in the daytime.

What is good sleep hygiene for children?

Sleep hygiene means sticking to a consistent bedtime and
waking routine, having a cool, quiet and dark bedroom,
avoiding excess fluids before sleep and getting the right
amount of sleep for the child’s age.
 You should also take
care to remove all dust from the bedroom floor and to
change the bedsheets and pillow cases regularly, if your
child snores.

10.A Sleep Study is Essential for Treating Snoring

Finding out exactly why your child is snoring is essential
in order for medical practitioners to recommend the
correct treatment. A 2011 study from the American
Academy of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery
Foundation highlighted the need for a sleep study to be
carried out when assessing child snorers and kids with
sleep disordered breathing symptoms, before tonsil
removal is carried out. The sleep study may reveal that
the child does not need their tonsils to be removed, or
that there are other factors doctors must consider in
order to carry out the safe removal of the tonsils and

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